VCE: Presbyterian Ladies’ College students head to top of the class

Two students in Melbourne’s east who registered ATAR’s of 99.90 and 99.85 are still coming to grips with their achievements.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College students Scarlett Yao and Nupoor Tomar received their scores via text message this morning and still remain a little shell-shocked.

“I’m feeling pretty happy but it still hasn’t sunk in yet,” Nupoor said.

Both students were aiming for scores above 90 with medicine and science in their sights in 2014.

“I was pretty nervous when I actually got the message,” Scarlett said.

“It’s actually out of my expectations. I didn’t expect 99.95, I just didn’t expect this high score.”


A nervous Nupoor had her mum check the result while she waited in another room.

“I got my parents to look at it first because I got really freaked out,” she said.

“I think I was a bit shocked at first because you always picture the moment for at least two years while you’re are doing VCE.

“In the end I was really happy because you always imagine the worst situation.”

The two Burwood students were among almost 83,000 Victorian students who began receiving their results from 7am this morning.

Education Minister Martin Dixon was at Berwick’s Nossal High School to witness a group from the school’s first ever Year 12 classes get their results.

“The VCE is a challenging time and is truly one of life’s great milestones,” Mr Dixon said.

“Today is a particularly special day for Nossal High School, with the inaugural Year 12 class receiving their results.

“I’m sure the students will do Nossal High School proud, and I look forward to celebrating their success.”

And for those students wondering what the secret is to achieving a high ATAR, unfortunately, it seems there are no short cuts.

“I think there is no secret,” Nupoor said.

“You need to work consistently, there is no point starting halfway through the year.

“What worked best for me was trying to stay a little bit ahead of the class.

“And I definitely did a lot of other stuff as well, which also kept me focussed.

“It sounds funny to say but I did tennis, piano, debating and also leadership stuff at school, so all the spare time you have, rather than wasting it, you use it to work.”

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